Steamed Sweet Potato Puree Recipe

sweet potato cut and diced on a cutting board

Find out how to select the best sweet potatoes to make the best puree!

  1. Wash one sweet potato and peel it.
  2. Cut it into 1-1/2″ slices and quarter the slices.
  3. Add 3 cups of water to the steamer saucepot and place the steam basket into the saucepot.
  4. Cover the steamer and set the temperature to med-high.
  5. Once the water is boiling, put the sweet potato chunks into the steamer basket and cover.
  6. Steam them for about 7 minutes or until tender – Add more water if needed.
  7. Remove the chunks from the steamer and place them into the Vitamix or a blender of your choice.
  8. Add 4 ounces of water from the saucepot (it contains a lot of nutrients) and 2 scoops of formula OR 4 ounces of breast milk. 
  9. Blend until the puree can easily pour out of the blender into the ice cube trays.
  10. Add more water or breast milk if the puree is too thick.

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Follow these simple steps to create puree combinations!

  • Acorn Squash: 4 months
  • Apples: 4 months
  • Apricots: 6 months
  • Avocados: 4 months
  • Bananas: 4 months
  • Barley: 4 months
  • Blueberries: 8 months
  • Brown Rice Cereal: 4 months
  • Butternut Squash: 4 months
  • Carrots: 6 months
  • Green Beans: 6 months
  • Kale: 6 months
  • Oatmeal Cereal: 4 months
  • Parsnips: 6 months
  • Pears: 4 months
  • Peas: 6 months
  • Pumpkin: 6 months


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  1. Looks delish! I love sweet potatoes and making it into a puree for little ones sounds perfect. Hope to see more recipes. 🙂 I have a blog on Himalayan natural salt – something that you can use for your babe too. Check it out here:

  2. Jewell

    Sharing your site with my bestie whose having her first bub! I think this is a perfect, easy site with great tips for her! Anything that has little effort with best value is key when your a new mother.. Great site

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