What is Stage 1 Baby Food?

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These are the first foods introduced to your baby, also known as starter foods. The typical age group for this stage is 4 to 8 months old. Whether your baby starts solids at 4 months or the recommended age of 6 months old, you should still begin with stage 1 foods because they are easy to swallow and digest.

Stage 1 baby foods are:

  • Single ingredient foods
  • Single grain cereals
  • Highly pureed
  • Thin in consistency
  • Smooth in texture


Developmental Milestones

Aside from age, baby food stages are also determined by developmental milestones. These are specific skills your baby should acquire before starting or transitioning to that stage.

4 – 6 Month Developmental Milestones:Baby lying down smiling

  • Ability to hold head up without support
  • Sitting up with little support
  • Ability to roll over
  • Using arms to push chest from floor and can turn head while laying on tummy
  • No longer pushing tongue forwards when lips are touched, known as the tongue-thrust reflex
  • Ability to move food to the back of mouth to swallow


Watch Out for Food Allergens!

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When presenting new foods to your baby, it is very important to introduce one food at a time. If there are no signs of an allergic reaction, continue to feed your baby this food for three days before offering a new food. This method will help you identify a food allergen.

For instance, if your baby is introduced to two foods within a short period of time and signs of an allergic reaction emerge, you would not know which food is the culprit.


Having Trouble Feeding Baby Solid Food?

Don’t get discouraged if your baby initially rejects a new food. It can take up to 10 times of offering this food before your baby will accept or even love it. Don’t give up and be consistent!


Stage 1 Fruit Recipes for Baby

Stage 1 Veggie Recipes for Baby


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  1. Mia

    Having started life out eating healthy fresh home-made food, something my mother always did for us, I did the same for my children and to this date we still cook from scratch using fresh ingredients, it is sad to see so many people using processed ready made meals these days, so am loving your site and the information and it is true it actually costs less to make than buy and much healthier as you know exactly what is in it.

    • admin

      That is so awesome that your parent’s gave you that precious gift! My parents did not, but I forgive them! haha I really enjoy making it for my son. At first I was intimidated because, well it sounded hard! Once I made my first batch, I was SO excited. It was from that moment on when I decided that he would never eat store bought baby food 🙂 Thanks for your comment. I loved reading it. Take care and stay healthy!

  2. This is such a wonderful educational site, especially for first time parents. I would have loved this resource after my baby was born, It was all so new to me and I had just moved far away from my family so had no support. I learned as I went along, this would have made life a lot easier.

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