Mashed Avocado Recipe


Learn why avocados are one of the best first foods to introduce to your baby!

  1. Cut around 1 avocado lengthwise, just deep enough to feel the pit with your knife.
  2. Twist the avocado halves in opposite directions to separate.
  3. Remove the pit with a spoon or drive the knife into the pit and twist the knife.
  4. Cut each side in half, peel the skin off or remove the avocado meat with a spoon and place the flesh into a bowl.
  5. Mash with fork.
  6. Add 1 ounce of bottled water and 1/2 a scoop of formula or 1 ounce of breast milk to thin.
  7. Add more water or breast milk to thin or add more avocado to thicken.

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