How to Create Baby Food Combinations

Creating baby food combinations is an easy and fun process! You can find recommended combinations under each recipe, but don’t be afraid to experiment! Follow these super simple steps to create an endless variety of baby food! The sky is the limit! 

Combinations you may think are a bit odd, your baby might just LOVE! You’ll be amazed by all of the options you have right at your fingertips. Baby will not eat green beans? No problem! Mix in some apples and it could be baby’s favorite food! Have fun with it and enjoy the beauty of feeding your precious little one the best foods available. 


Directions for Combining Purees

Items you will need:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Place one frozen baby food cube into glass baby food container. (Ex. 1 cube of carrot puree)
  3. Place one frozen baby food cube into the same glass container. (Ex. 1 cube of sweet potato puree)
  4. Put the uncovered glass container into the microwave.
  5. Warm the cubes on the defrost setting for 20 seconds.
  6. Stir with a spoon to ensure that both cubes are defrosting as evenly as possible. 
  7. Put the glass container back into the microwave for another 20 seconds on the defrost setting.
  8. Stir again with a spoon.
  9. If both cubes are completely defrosted, cautiously stick the tip of a finger into the puree to check the temperature. You want it to be warm and not hot.
  10. If it is still cold, warm it up for another 10-15 seconds on the defrost setting.
  11. Remove from microwave, stir and check the temperature again. Keep in mind that microwave times may vary.
  12. If it is still cold, add a little more time or if it is too hot, let it cool before serving.

Congratulations! You can now experiment with food combinations!


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    • It REALLY is that simple! Isn’t that great news? Frozen baby food can stay fresh in a freezer up to 6 months but I recommend using it within 3 months. One batch can make plenty of baby food and then you can create combinations that you can’t find in grocery stores. It saves money, time and you get to enjoy watching your little one eating nutritious and delicious homemade baby food!! It is so rewarding! Thanks for visiting, Ronald! We hope to see you back soon!!

    • You’re very welcome, Chris! I am glad I could help! I hope you enjoy experimenting with a variety of fruits and vegetables! Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help! Thanks for visiting!!

  1. Cambell

    Hi Rachel, very well explained process and seems very simple to do. I was just wondering though..what is a ‘baby food cube.?

    • That is a great question, Cambell! On the Storing Homemade Baby Food page, it explains how to freeze baby food puree in ice cube trays, also known as “the ice cube method”. So in this post, baby food cubes refer to a frozen cube of baby food. Thanks for visiting, Cambell! We hope you see you back soon!

  2. Great info!This really is simple to follow and I love the fact that one has many options.A quick question though,does freezing the food alter the taste?Is the food still tasty?

    • Hi, Maria! That is another GREAT question! Some things don’t freeze and thaw all that great, such as avocados and homemade baby cereal. Baby cereal tends to become a bit rubbery and avocados turn a brownish color once frozen. I just made baby cereal and avocados fresh every time. Everything else tastes as fresh as the day it was made! Thanks for visiting, Maria!

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